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Personal Refund Manager

100% Amazon TOS Compliant

Charged monthly

Manual correspondence with Amazon


Frequently Asked Questions


How far back do you search?

When you initially signup we search 18 months back (based on Amazon's TOS). Going forward we constantly monitor your account for potential reimbursements.


What cases can we get reimbursements for?

Cases where we can obtain reimbursements for include:

  1. Reconciliation of all transactions
  2. Items destroyed without request or permission.
  3. Deduction from inventory after shipment closed.
  4. Customer refunded more than originally paid.
  5. Amazon approved refund past normal approval window.
  6. Amazon improperly received or miscounted items from inbound shipments.
  7. Amazon or carrier damaged inbound shipments in transit.
  8. Orders for which the weight fee or dimensional fee has been overcharged.
  9. Orders for which the commission fee has been overcharged.
  10. Inventory lost at Amazon warehouse.
  11. Inventory damaged at Amazon warehouse.
  12. Replacement sent to customer and original never sent back.
  13. Return has not been properly reimbursed.
  14. Amazon reported to have placed an item back into your inventory but it has not been replaced.
  15. Stock deducted after shipment was closed.
  16. Wrong item returned and scanned to your inventory.
  17. Amazon issued a chargeback but didn't reimburse you.
  18. Amazon or carrier damaged a return.
  19. Removal order inventory not received.
  20. Amazon reimbursed you for less quantity than you were supposed to get reimbursed for.
  21. Amazon did not reimburse the total amount it should of reimbursed based on the value of item.


How much does AMZReimburse cost?

We only charge 15% on any amount we recover on your behalf. There are not hidden fees or charges.


Does AMZReimburse follow Amazon's Terms of Service?

Yes, AMZReimburse completely follows Amazon's Terms of Service. Nothing is ever filed automatically. Each case is manually filed by a personal Refund Manager.