Amazon Damaged Inventory: Breakthrough Ways to Get Your Moneyback!

Last Updated:
November 15, 2018

Are you an Amazon Seller? If so, you are probably one of the many owed thousands of dollars in reimbursements from Amazon due to damaged inventory.

Amazon's policy requires they reimburse or replace any damaged inventory. In theory, Amazon should automatically refund you for any damaged inventory. Unfortunately, Amazon has to keep track of an insane amount of inventory, and this does out always work out as it should.

Luckily there is a way to get back the money that is rightfully yours! We are going to walk you through all the steps on how to view/download the necessary reports and file cases with Amazon to get reimbursed.

Please note: The process of filing for damaged inventory can often be very tedious and time-consuming, especially if you have a large amount of inventory. This is why we created AMZReimburse. We help Amazon Sellers every day get thousands of $$$ back from Amazon.

Steps to Tracking Damaged Inventory

1. Sign Into Amazon Seller Central

2. Generating Damaged Inventory Report

a. At the top of the page hover over the Reports tab and click on the Fulfillment option as shown below:

b. On the left of the screen click on the Show more link in the left-hand column:

c. Next select Inventory Adjustments:

Amazon Damaged Inventory Problem

d. We recommend using View Online instead of Download until you get comfortable:

Amazon Damaged Inventory Issue

e. For Reason Group option select Damaged:

Amazon Damaged Inventory Refund

f. For Event Date - when running this report for the first time we recommend going back to the start of your account to recover all potential reimbursements.

h. Now that you have your report, all items in the report should (in theory) have been reimbursed. For example, all items that say "Transfer to holding account" have already been refunded. However, this is usually not true.

3. Reconciling Damaged Inventory

Here is the process for reconciling each item before submitting for a refund:

a. Open a new tab and login to Amazon Seller Central (keep inventory adjustments tab open). Again, at the top of the page hover over the Reports tab and click on the Fulfillment option as shown below:

Amazon Damaged Inventory Problem Reimbursement Free

b. On the left of the screen, under the Payments heading select Reimbursements:

Refund Amazon Inventory

c. From here you can look up your reimbursements via the View Online option by generating a report with your SKU from above. You can also choose the Download option to compare more easily with your previous report.

Refund Damaged Inventory

d. If the reimbursement appears for the particular SKU, then you know you were already refunded. However, even if it is showing reimbursement, make sure you check the quantity to ensure it aligns with the amount of damaged inventory.

e. If the message “No results found” is displayed (or damaged quantity does not align), Amazon has not refunded you for the item yet and you should provide them with this SKU in step 10.

4. Filing a Case With Amazon

a. On the top right corner of Amazon Seller Central select Help:

Amazon Inventory Problem

b. Click on the Contact Us button:

c. On the left select Selling on Amazon > Fulfillment by Amazon > Other FBA Issue

d. On the contact form select Contact Amazon via Email and use one of the below templates. We recommend sending 5 products per case.

Template Option # 1


I was looking at my Inventory Adjustment Report and some of my products have been damaged at Amazon from {INSERT TIME} .

{INSERT SKUs} have been damaged.

Can you please process me a refund for these?

Thank you,


Template Option #2


Please review the following items and reimburse for the damaged units.

Due to being a small business and having time constraints, I've attached {INSERT #} items because opening cases in smaller amounts isn't feasible.

Thanks in advance and I appreciate your help in this matter.

Best regards,


Automating Your Damaged Inventory Refund Process

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Full video guide to getting reimbursed for damaged inventory