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Get money back from selling on Amazon!
We manually handle all Amazon FBA Reimbursements on your behalf.


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We don't get paid until you do! This means we are incentivized to obtain all possible reimbursements on your behalf. AMZReimburse searches 18 months back from when you opened your account.

Amazon Reimbursement Manager

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After you connect your Amazon account to AMZReimburse we go to work finding all potential refunds without any further action on your end. We wait at least 30 days before filing any Amazon reimbursement claims.

Refund Manager

Personal Refund Manager

Each account is assigned a Refund Manager that handles delivers money your are rightfully owed. Since each case is handled manually it is 100% compliant with Amazon's Terms of Service.

Signup and Connect your Amazon FBA Account.

Our system automatically goes through all of your reports searching for any potential reimbursements.

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Refund Manager Contacts Amazon Seller Support

After a potential reimbursement is found your personal Refund Manager will contact Amazon on your behalf.

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Watch the reimbursements come in!

Any successful reimbursement will begin to show up in your account.You are only charged monthly for the cases where we succeed.

fba inventory reimbursements

FBA Inventory Reimbursements

Our automated cloud system searches for over 20 different types of potential refunds. Once found, our specialized Refund Managers reach out to Amazon to get your money back.

Missing and Damaged Inventory Manager

Our managers monitor lost or damaged product by Amazon warehouses or inbound shippers. We find missing inventory from your Amazon Seller Central account.

Return Policy Manager

Per Amazon's policy we confirm all orders are properly returned within 30 days and Amazon has refunded all restocking fees. Our managers confirm customers are refunded only the amount they initially paid.

Overage Fee Manager

We ensure Amazon charges the proper FBA fees based on weights and sizes.

Replacement Manager

Our managers monitor to ensure original products are properly returned and swapped for replacements.

See All 20+ Types of Reimbursement

We don't get paid until you do!



Personal Refund Manager

100% Amazon TOS Compliant

Charged monthly

Manual correspondence with Amazon